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While utilizing common marketing techniques, IndiePump stands out with alternative promotion strategies. Our extensive Press and Influencer Database enables us to run successful, targeted campaigns. Furthermore, our expanding Partner Network incorporates companies specializing in Communication, Production, and Education.

Social Media & Development

Through customized social media strategies, scheduling, content creation, and audience engagement, IndiePump enhances the online presence of Indie Games across social media channels. 

Email Marketing & Public Relations

IndiePump’s Email Marketing & PR services help game developers connect with media, creators, and gamers through tailored campaigns, community building, and data-driven outreach optimization. 

Funding Opportunities Service

Funding Opportunities aid in securing project funding through grant applications, crowdfunding campaigns, and niche efforts targeting gaming publishers, investors, and Venture Studios. 

Quality Assurance Service

Through quality control, stress testing, improvement proposals, and polished promotional materials, IndiePump’s Quality Assurance & Production service delivers engaging and high-standard games. 

Game Organization Service

IndiePump’s Game Organization service empowers indie developers with website creation, optimization, store page setups, Discord community management, pitch decks, and press kits to establish a strong online presence and attract investors and players. 

Community Service

We will create a community and learn your team how to keep it engaged and make content that works. Daily scheduling, communication techniques, and more. 

Distribution Service

The IndiePump distribution service allows publishers, media, creators, and testers access to Early Access Keys, and offers preferential tool prices, platform optimization, and updates on partnership opportunities.

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IndiePump has partnered with over 45 indie games, offering marketing and management services to help them grow and self-publish.

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