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We are thrilled to announce the release of Patch 0.6.8 PHOTO MODE for Eresys! This is a significant update which introduces a brand-new feature that we’re excited for you to experience, along with several important fixes and improvements.

In this patch, we’re introducing a new Photo Mode that will help you immortalize your most intense, awe-inspiring, or simply fun moments within the Lovecraftian world of Eresys.

– Players can open the photo mode in-game by pressing the “P” key. Remember, this key can be rebound in the input menu for your convenience.
– The photo mode interface features sliders that allow you to modify the image, as well as various controls for the camera that are detailed in the menu itself.
– Photos taken using the photo mode will be saved at “C:\EresysPictures”. For those who prefer using Steam for screenshots, the photo mode’s interface can also be hidden, allowing for a seamless experience!

We’ve also included a menu for viewing these images in-game, allowing you to revisit and share your memories within the Eresys community. (Note: screenshots taken with Steam will not appear in this menu.) The photo viewer menu can be accessed from the in-game menu itself.

As an added bonus, in single-player matches or when playing solo in multiplayer, opening the photo mode will automatically pause the game. This provides the opportunity to take your time, find the best angle, and capture the perfect shot without any interruptions.

– Fixed a potential visual bug where the Wood Walker would appear as the Voidwalker. This issue could have affected the Primordial Fiend type enemies as well, but we have corrected it now!
– Improved various UI elements and optimized the hide UI function for a better user experience.
– Opening your in-game menu now hides all UI elements for increased clarity.
– Addressed some minor issues and a few localization errors reported by the community.

This update is now live. If for whatever reason the update doesn’t appear, please restart Steam. Remember, for co-op sessions, all players must have the same game version. With this new patch, the game version will be Eresys 0.6.8 PHOTO MODE.

We’re also happy to share that the development of the second map is well underway, with approximately 40% completed.

In conclusion, we’re thrilled to see the ways in which you utilize the new Photo Mode and eagerly await the images you’ll capture in the grotesque beauty of Eresys. As always, we appreciate your ongoing support and feedback as we continue to develop and refine the Eresys experience.


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