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IndiePump and Indie Fear Fest: A Perfect Match for Horror Devs!

We’re extremely excited to announce our support for the Indie Fear Fest! This incredible online showcase presents the best up-and-coming Indie Horror Games. Join...

Aarik and the Ruined Kingdom Released on Steam!

The wait is over! Aarik and the Ruined Kingdom has officially launched on Steam by Shatterproof Games for just 6.23€. Dive into this unique...

Aarik and the Ruined Kingdom Coming to Android and iOS!

Prepare to dive into the magical world of Aarik and the Ruined Kingdom, a new puzzle adventure game by Shatterproof Games launching soon on...

Haunted Bloodlines Demo Now Available on Steam!

It's happening! Haunted Bloodlines Demo is now available on Steam! Now, everyone has the opportunity to explore a part of this psychological horror adventure...
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