Eresys Patch 0.5.8: Visual Overhaul, New Item, Side Mission, and More

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Hello, Eresys community!

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Patch 0.5.8 for Eresys, our 4-person Lovecraftian Horror Co-Op game. This update brings significant improvements to the game, including a visual overhaul, a new item, a new side mission, balancing tweaks, and bug fixes.

Updated Visuals and Performance Boost on Sentinel Island

One of the key features of this patch is the updated visuals and performance boost on Sentinel Island. We’ve polished the fog, increased its density, and adjusted its colors to create a more immersive and creepy atmosphere. We’ve also improved dynamic lighting and optimized the fog planes, resulting in better performance and fewer FPS drops.

Introducing the Scroll of the Order

Introducing the Scroll of the Order, a new item designed to help players escape overwhelming situations. These scrolls are rare and can be found in safe zones or near important locations. They stun nearby creatures, remove curses, and grant temporary movement speed boosts to cultists. However, be cautious as using a scroll attracts attention!

New Side Mission: Devoured House Update

We’ve also added a new side mission inside the Devoured House. Complete the mission to banish the entity lurking at the bottom, and unlock an achievement for your efforts. We’ve made several improvements to the house, including a new walkway, better collision, and damageable tentacles.

Localization: Japanese and French Support

We’re pleased to announce that Eresys now supports Japanese and French languages, broadening the game’s reach to more players.

Balancing Tweaks and Madman Mode

In our ongoing efforts to balance gameplay, we’ve made several tweaks, such as adjusting creature health values and spawn rates based on the number of players in a party. We’re also working on a new difficulty mode, “Madman mode,” which will crank up the challenge even more, but rest assured, we’ll only release it when we’re happy with the regular difficulty.

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

Other improvements include a more polished and responsive way to examine maps, books, and pages, visual enhancements in the cultist temple, and a redesigned cult guide interface for easier reading and interaction. We’ve also addressed numerous bugs reported by the community, such as collision and visual issues, as well as fixing a bug that could crash the game when item collisions overlapped.

Remember, this update is now live, and all co-op players must have the same game version (0.5.8). If the update doesn’t show up, restart Steam.

We hope you enjoy the latest improvements to Eresys and, as always, we appreciate your feedback and support.

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