SELINI is coming to Nintendo Switch

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SELINI has achieved another milestone in their Kickstarter campaign! 

Having raised over 19,000€, the highly anticipated adventure is now confirmed for release on Nintendo Switch

The game seems like an excellent fit for the Switch and promises to provide an immersive and exciting gaming experience.

The campaign on Kickstarter has ended but you can support the developer on IndieGogo. They aim to add two more quests that will offer players even more exploration opportunities, including a new boss battle

Keep in mind that SELINI comes with a free demo on Steam

Simply click the link below to play it and consider adding SELINI to your Steam Wishlist. This way you can stay up-to-date on news about this exciting exploration adventure.

SELINI transports players to a mysterious, ruined dystopian world that invites them to uncover its rich lore through immersive exploration and observation. The game’s narrative is conveyed entirely through environmental cues, gameplay, colors, and body language, making it a unique and engaging experience. By design, SELINI aims to provoke players to reflect upon environmental, social, and ethical beliefs while navigating this enigmatic world.

Merging the striking visual and gameplay elements of titles such as Inside and Hollow Knight, SELINI emerges as a 2.5D metroidvania adventure focused on delving deep into a desolate realm teeming with formidable foes. With no text, speech, in-game UI, or cutscenes to interrupt the player’s experience, SELINI challenges players to explore and interpret the world by paying close attention to body language, symbols, colors, and sounds.

By seamlessly intertwining story and gameplay, SELINI presents a captivating journey that encourages players to question their understanding of the world around them, while pushing the boundaries of traditional storytelling in video games.


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