Unearthing Secrets: Aurora and the Mysterious Cave Adventure

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We are very excited to announce that Aurora: The Lost Medallion – The Cave, an upcoming sci-fi, point & click adventure game, is coming to Steam soon. Set in an imagined version of the Trappist-1 solar system, the story follows a chain of events extending thousands of years in the past, beginning at the moment of the mysterious collapse of Trappist’s second sun. This inexplicable, cosmic event would be the catalyst for the creation of numerous worlds and civilizations, the actions of which would ultimately lead us to the present day and the creation of “the Cave”.

Under the frozen surface of planet Eedor, lies the technological marvel of “the Cave”, a hidden, self-sustained and entirely isolated bunker that is home to 15 chosen children and their artificially intelligent robotic guardians. The creators of this marvel are the benevolent “Voices”, ethereal entities who are engaged in an ongoing battle against a sinister force known as the “Vultures”. The Voices hid the children inside the Cave, entrusting each of them with a message, a recording of a story meant to guide them and give them purpose.

At the core of the Cave’s rigid society lies an unconditional devotion to the will of the Voices, a doctrine that is constantly reminded and advocated by the robots. It is the duty of every child to follow their destined path, contributing to the survival of the Cave and preparing for the day when the Voices will finally return to guide them into a new life.

A huge, deep and meaningful story

The full story of the world of Aurora is huge and it is filled with hundreds of characters, dozens of cultures and thousands of events, all connecting into one epic adventure!

Beautiful Hand-drawn art

All assets in the game are hand-drawn from scratch. The game features a vast amount of scenes (50+) that form a beautiful canvas on which the players’ imagination and ingenuity may run wild

Fully Voiced by professional actors

All dialogues in the game are fully voiced by numerous professional actors, bringing to life an already lively cast of characters.

Original adaptive soundtrack

The music never stops. Instead, it adapts and flows based on the situation.

Consistent puzzle design

The game features more than 30 puzzles of all kinds, but they all share one commonality; they do not require “moon logic” to be solved. (that doesn’t mean they are easy though!)

Dynamic Journal and Encyclopedia

The player can track the game’s objectives as they appear in a non-linear order.

There is a full Encyclopedia with Aurora’s world for the player’s delight.

Classic point & click adventure gameplay

Experience the classic adventure gameplay you love

Aurora, our protagonist, is the only child in the Cave without a message to guide her, as it was lost under mysterious circumstances. Despite the robots’ best efforts, Aurora refuses to settle on a path, and as the pressure of her community grows, she decides to take matters into her own hands. With the help of her alien friend, Neemo, Aurora will follow the clues of the Cave’s enigmatic Architect, and venture on a path that leads to dangerous revelations, and forbidden truths, that will shake the very foundations of the Cave. 

Add Aurora: The Lost MedallionThe Cave to your Steam Wishlist to be among the first to know when the Demo version becomes available on the platform. We can’t wait for you to experience this epic adventure and we look forward to your feedback.


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