Abtos Covert Update: Enhancing Your Haunting Adventure

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The journey of Abtos Covert, which began with its launch on 8/12/2023, has been nothing short of thrilling. Thanks to the incredible support and enthusiasm from their amazing community, Iphigames are excited to announce the game’s first series of updates. This patch not only improves gameplay but also reflects their commitment to responding to player feedback for the best experience in the spooky Mount Abtos!

Key improvements: New Fixes and Features

In the latest update for Abtos Covert, Team Abtos made key enhancements for a better gaming experience. Moreover, save bugs have been fixed to ensure tapes and settings are saved properly. Achievement glitches and loading issues are now resolved for smoother gameplay. We’ve corrected minor map issues for improved navigation and added extra notes to deepen the storyline. 

Additionally, the character formerly known as Jill has been renamed to “Katerina,” adding an extra element to the narrative, inspired from Greek culture. To boost performance and reduce frame drops, Team Abtos temporarily removed Lykaon’s fur. For the full details of every update, check out the official game patch notes on Steam here.

Listening to You: Improving Abtos Covert Together

Team Abtos has been closely monitoring your feedback, watching your videos and streams and diving into community discussions, to address any issues. Every bug you’ve reported and every suggestion you’ve made is helping them. Thus, please feel free to share them at Steam Community or at their Discord Server. Your input is priceless!

Grab the refreshed Abtos Covert on Steam Now

Remember, Abtos Covert is available on Steam for just 8,79€. Explore the improved world of mysterious Mount Abtos and enjoy the enhanced gameplay today!

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