Eresys Released: Experience Lovecraftian Horror

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Eresys has just been launched! Deeply inspired by Lovecraftian art, teamwork is key as players join forces as four cultists to face scary and unique creatures. Get ready for the ultimate gaming adventure that promises thrills and chills at every turn, especially with its latest update, Patch 0.8. With this patch, Eresys is leaving Early Access and is now fully launched.

Eresys Expands: Discover the Secrets of Innsmouth

Developed by Dragonis Games, Eresys invites you into a world influenced by the famous H.P. Lovecraft and his works, where the team’s strength means everything. The full release introduces the spooky fishing village of Innsmouth. This new map offers a change of pace, with its shadowy corners and mysterious atmosphere, adding a fresh level of excitement to your survival strategy.

Beware of sea creatures emerging from the depths, forcing you to proceed cautiously, seeking hiding spots! In Eresys, time is of the essence and the entities are growing stronger by the minute. Can you and your team complete the task before the Lovecraftian horrors overrun the island and unleash their terror on the world beyond?

Refreshed Gameplay Experience: More Excitement, More Fear 

Eresys‘ clever and dynamic AI mechanics make every moment a thrilling experience. Innsmouth brings new challenges with spooky NPCs and the fearsome Fishmen of the Depths. These additions enhance your journey, making the game even more gripping and engaging. Get ready dealing with a mysterious curse that shrouds the village in darkness, breaking any light the cultists would use to defend themselves!

Now Available: Eresys Brings Terror at a Great Price

Eresys is now available on Steam for just 8,79€. Grab your chance to discover the haunting mysteries of the Lovecraftian Universe!

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