Explore the Cosmic Arena with Master Blaster!

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Master Blaster is a chaotic aim-and-shoot game that combines classic arcade action with elements of strategy, tactical precision and air-hockey physics, developed by the Greek gaming development studio Lost Cabinet Games. The demo version of the game is now available for all to try on Steam, offering a first-hand look at the game’s engaging dynamics.

Challenge the Chaosbringers!

Set in a cosmic arena, Master Blaster puts you in the shoes of a powerful universal entity tasked with defeating the unpredictable Chaosbringers. The game successfully blends intense arcade shootouts with strategic gameplay, inviting you to master both skill and strategy in a quest to restore cosmic order.

Think quickly and act decisively, as every decision directly impacts the game’s outcome!

Intense Arcade Action 

Dive into Master Blaster and enjoy features such as Blasting Arcade Action, where you can engage in everything from calm gameplay to fast-paced cosmic warfare. Enhance your tactical prowess with precise, billiards-inspired control, unlock new Blasters and tackle the game’s unpredictable physics and dark humor.

Each feature is designed to offer an engaging experience that challenges every level of player!

Download the Demo Today

As Master Blaster continues to be developed, players are encouraged to download the demo available now on Steam and add the game to their Steam Wishlist. Stay ahead with updates and be the first to know about the full game’s release. Don’t miss the chance to become the ultimate Master Blaster and conquer the universe’s chaos!

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