Journey Beyond the Stars with StarMetal Crusaders!

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Dive into the thrilling universe of StarMetal Crusaders, a game that masterfully combines strategy, humor, and action in a vibrant, anime-inspired world. Prepare for a journey through the stars packed with resource management, epic battles, and a unique story!

Into the Heart of Battle

StarMetal Crusaders offers a fresh perspective on the classic RTS genre, including a unique fusion system for base and unit upgrades and real-time tactical combat. Players get to navigate through the expansive Zeta Sector, leading a team of mercenaries against a variety of challenges, from interstellar politics to ancient threats. With a focus on strategic gameplay, epic boss fights and dynamic storytelling, every decision matters in this chaotic cosmos!

Adding Personality to Strategy

Moreover, the game shines with its detailed anime visuals, making every planet you visit and every encounter a visual masterpiece. But it’s the Crusader girls that add a unique touch, allowing players to build relationships, enhance abilities and even unlock special content, adding depth to the gameplay and story.

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