Make Every Day Productive with Spirit City: Lofi Sessions

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Dive into the world of Spirit City: Lofi Sessions, a unique game designed to enhance your focus with lofi music and charming visuals!

Customize Your Calm

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions combines calming lofi tunes with a customizable virtual space, where you can collect adorable Spirits and use productivity tools to make real-life tasks more enjoyable. Customize your character and space to reflect your personal style, all while enjoying the cozy backdrop of soothing sounds and music.

From Tasks to Rewards

With built-in productivity tools, such as a to-do list, the game transforms everyday efficiency into a rewarding experience. Earn experience points by maintaining good habits. This unlocks even more customization options and Spirit companions, making your productivity journey continuously enjoyable and uniquely yours.

Hits Steam in April

Mark your calendars for 8 Apr, 2024, as Spirit City: Lofi Sessions arrives on Steam. Add it to your Steam Wishlist to ensure you don’t miss this gateway to a more productive lifestyle!

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