Strategh meets creativity in Planetiles!

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Explore the world of Planetiles, a game that combines strategy with creativity, enabling players to transform desolate planets into flourishing worlds. In this game, your intelligence becomes your best tool against nature’s challenges, encouraging you to develop rich ecosystems and tackle intricate puzzles with the depth of a board game!

Build and Plan

In Planetiles, you’ll experience the calm of city building mixed with the excitement of roguelike adventures. Players are tasked with creating and managing natural habitats on remote planets, where every tile placement is crucial!

Custom Worlds

Engage in satisfying quests and utilize strategic ecosystems to earn bonuses, while also unlocking customizable options that bring a personal touch to your planets. The game challenges you to plan ahead, with each decision influencing the world, from forests to oases, enhancing your resources and offering limitless possibilities for expansion.

Launch is Coming!

Mark your calendars for April 3, 2024, as Planetiles makes its release on the Steam platform. Prepare to dive into a universe where your strategic decisions craft unique worlds, right at your fingertips!

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