Master the Fight: Exploring Self Defense Kinda

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Jump into a world where you use your brain to win fights in Self Defense Kinda, an innovative mix of RPG and Boss Rush madness.

Alice’s Quest for Freedom

In Self Defense Kinda, you follow Alice, who gets trapped in a virtual reality by a headset she can’t remove. She must solve deep personal puzzles and prove she can stand up for herself. You’re outsmarting opponents with unique mechanics in a game that mixes strategic battle plans with a unique storyline!

Battle Against Unique Bosses

Self Defense Kinda contains 12 unique boss fights and hard mode battles that add even tougher challenges. It also offers endless arcade fun, tools for creating and sharing your own fights and hints to help you out, ensuring every player has a shot at victory without feeling stuck.

Coming Soon on Steam

The game is currently in development and will soon hit Steam. Don’t miss out on the action! Add it to your Steam Wishlist today to be among the first to experience the excitement when it launches.

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