South Pole Bebop: Deck-Building Meets Strategy in the Antarctic!

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Dive into South Pole Bebop, a game where chess meets strategy in a fight against zombies at the South Pole!

Chess and Survival

South Pole Bebop combines the tactical depth of chess with the excitement of deck-building and roguelike challenges.

Players are invited to craft powerful decks, defend against zombies, protect bases and complete quests in a frosty showdown for the South Pole. Inspired by the strategy classic Into The Breach, this game invites you to become the ultimate hero in a frozen battlefield!

Choose Your Hero

In a PvPvE setup, players can choose from a diverse cast of characters, each with unique abilities, to dominate a 9×9 battlefield. Adapt your strategy, upgrade your bases and use your deck to outsmart both living and undead enemies.

With a range of zombies attacking your positions, strategic thinking and clever deck customization are your keys to victory.

Stay Updated

South Pole Bebop will be available on Steam soon. Remember to add it to your Steam Wishlist to get the latest news and updates about its exciting release!

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