Save the World in Earl vs. the Mutants!

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Discover Earl vs. the Mutants, a top-down survival action-roguelite game set in a post-apocalyptic world and join Earl, an exterminator turned humanity’s last hope, in his mission to rid the world of mutants!

Survival in Ruins

Earl vs. the Mutants invites players into a dark aftermath of nuclear war. Players will navigate the desolate ruins of cities, fighting for survival against never-ending waves of mutants. Use your skills and cleverness beacause each playthrough offers a unique experience, full of surprises and challenges.

Earl Stands as Humanity’s Hope

The game combines thrilling battles with the strategic depth of roguelite mechanics, offering a unique mix of intense action and challenging gameplay. As Earl, players will utilize a variety of weapons and gadgets, showcasing their skills in this crucial fight for humanity’s future!

Download the Demo Today

As Earl vs. the Mutants progresses through its development phase, a free demo version is now available on Steam. Join Earl’s mission and be part of this post-apocalyptic adventure’s unfolding story!

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