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After 12 months in development, with the support of over 150 game developers, and 114 unique games on our platform, we are absolutely excited to announce that Isοtopic is about to launch the Full Version of our Game Storein September 2023.

The full version comes to bring support for paid games, so you can expect to find some amazing new games arriving at the store during the launch!

Play over 110 different games for free on Isotopic now! (Game Store link)

What is Isotopic?

Isotopic is a new, Open and Cross-Platform Game Store, which enables true ownership of your games and content. Developers can publish games on Isotopic, that users can trade, resell, and collect!

Using distributed ledger technologies, the distribution of games is transparent, secure, and immutable. Developers gain full control of their games, while users gain control of their digital copies. (See: Ubisoft will delete everything if your account is inactive. link )

Enjoy exclusive deals on the Isotopic Game Store, during the launch on September 2023. Sign up on Isotopic now!

Unique features of Isotopic

➥ Free to publish, low fees.

(Not so) fun fact: Developers on Steam can end up earning only 40% of their game sales, after Steam’s 30% cut and other transaction costs and taxes. They can instead earn exactly 92% on Isotopic, and place better price tags on their games.

➥ Rent and Trade Games.

Developers on Isotopic can easily make their games tradable, meaning you could buy a game and play it for a week, before selling it to another player.

On Isotopic, you can also rent digital games for as long as you need, instead of having to buy the full copy.

➥ Cross-Platform.

Gaming on PC? Mobile? VR? Isotopic has got you covered, as the platform is built to host games across all of these platforms, all in one place.

➥ Collect limited-edition games and DLC.

There have been many publishers selling collectable editions of their games, limited, special editions that offer something rare.

In 2017, we saw the release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Master Edition, which sold a limited number of copies around the world, and constitutes a very sought-after collectible, now selling upwards of 5,000 USD!

With the era of physical copies slowly passing away, the digital world is here to stay, and at Isotopic, we bring back the capability of publishing limited collectible digital copies of games!

Now, a developer could create a special DLC for their game, and sell only a limited number of copies, thus creating collectible value for it. These special copies are traceable via our transparent distribution system, and users can verifiably confirm their copy’s rarity.

Best option for developers

With low fees, funding and marketing opportunities, full control of the distribution pipeline, scalable free development tools and many different ways to monetize your game and engage with your players, Isotopic is exactly what an Indie developer needs.

Read more about the platform, and why you should publish on Isotopic, here: link.


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