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Dragonis Games recently announced more updates about the projects that they are working on during this period. With the unceasing support from our incredible community, we’ve been hard at work continuing to refine and enhance your gaming experience in Eresys, the 4-person Lovecraftian Horror Co-Op game that has captured the hearts of horror fans. Today, we’re thrilled to bring you Patch 0.6.9, a quick update aimed at further immersing you in the dark and mysterious world of Eresys.

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This update is a quick patch that includes a few photo mode tweaks and fixes. Additionally, we’ve incorporated new lightning VFX and SFX to enhance the overall mood of the temple, adding to the eerie ambiance that we all love.


During photo mode, player name tags are now hidden for a cleaner, more immersive experience.
Added a button in the Main menu to open the “photo viewer” menu, so you can view pictures directly from the main menu, without having to start a game.

Added SFXs for the pictures buttons of the photo viewer, enhancing your interaction with your collected memories.
Fixed some localization issues where the “photo viewer” button was called the “photo mode”, ensuring clarity across all regions.

OTHER updates

Added distant lightning VFX and SFX, both on the island and the council temple maps, for a more atmospheric experience.
Added some missing fire SFX to the small fires of the temple, breathing life into the dark corners of the game.
Reduced the number of “wax heads” (single-player respawn item) available on the Mad Man difficulty, ramping up the challenge for the most daring explorers.
REMINDER This update is now live. If for whatever reason the update doesn’t show up, restart Steam. And remember, for co-op sessions, all players must have the same game version! With this new patch, the game version will be Eresys 0.6.9.

FUTURE Lovecraftian Updates

Since the initial early access release of Eresys until the present, we have consistently released a patch every week. While we want to maintain this work momentum, our current plan is to focus on making a larger patch containing a larger piece of content in the form of a new map. So while it may take a while until the next patch, rest assured, that we will continue to work on the game, as well as continue to keep our community updated on our progress and future plans.

You can find more from the previous Patch Updates

We aim to complete “The Abyssal Temple” map by the end of summer and release it in early autumn, so we hope you are looking forward to playing it

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