Craft, Hunt, Survive: Your Journey in Polylithic Begins Now!

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Get ready for a captivating journey through time with Polylithic, a 3rd person crafting survival game set in the Paleolithic/Neolithic era. As a player, you’ll explore a world of crafting items and building bases to grow your tribe.

A Time-Traveling Crafting Adventure

In this colorful world with beautiful low-poly graphics, start by collecting essential resources and advancing through the tech tree. You’ll build bases, explore the wild and face various animals from rabbits to mammoths, each posing a different survival challenge!

Lead Your Tribe in Polylithic

Expand your tribe, take care of their needs and make sure they’re happy. Manage your people, give them tasks to improve their skills and watch them become elders. Become the leader your tribe can rely on. Beyond resources, the game’s world hides the remains of past tribes. Explore forests, hills and rivers to find secrets and get ideas to build monuments that tell your tribe’s story.

Immersive Low-Poly Universe

Step into the immersive low-poly universe of Polylithic, accompanied by music that enhances your experience. This world, unlike anything seen before, invites you to explore its richness and reveal all its secrets.

Get Polylithic on Steam: An Survival Adventure Awaits

Polylithic is available on Steam for 14,79€. Jump into the adventure and experience the excitement of survival and growth in a beautifully crafted ancient world!

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