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Hello players! We are excited to announce the latest patch for our Lovecraftian horror co-op game, Eresys. We have been listening to your feedback and have made some important gameplay tweaks and fixes, as well as some collision fixes to improve your overall gaming experience. We are committed to making Eresys the best it can be and appreciate your support and patience.

Gameplay Tweaks:

We have made some slight adjustments to the gameplay mechanics to make the game more challenging and enjoyable for our players. We have increased the lantern damage, made the burning monster effect more prominent, and rebalanced the monster’s health and health regeneration. Additionally, we have made some tweaks to the monster focus and removed the Shadow’s teleport ability for the time being. We have also reduced the time needed for the Lurker to leave you alone once it spots you. Lastly, we have added a few more pages around the map, making it slightly easier to complete the book.

Gameplay Fixes:

We have addressed some significant bugs in this patch that were causing issues with player death and visuals. We have fixed a bug where you would respawn if the player carrying your head died and your head will now be placed on top of theirs. We have also fixed the issue of being able to pick up pages or interact once you die, and the monster focusing on you while you die. We have tweaked and adjusted how AI vision selects a target to focus on, improving the overall gameplay experience.

Collision Fixes:

We had fixed floating relics in the temple that caused players to get launched in the air when they jumped on them. Additionally, we have temporarily blocked off the entrance from the top of the underground house to ensure no one falls through the gaps between the house and the ground. We have also improved and increased the collision for various safe zones and fixed the issue of Voidwalkers trying to attack you through walls. Lastly, we have made some small collision tweaks and fixes.

We are confident that this patch will improve your overall gaming experience in Eresys. We appreciate all of the feedback we have received from our community, and we are committed to continuously improving the game with each update. We expect to release another patch in a few days, which will address various collision and visual bugs reported by the community. Remember to restart Steam if the update doesn’t show up, and ensure that all players have the same game version for co-op sessions.

Thank you for playing Eresys, and we hope you enjoy the new patch!

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