Eresys Patch 0.6.1 Quick Patch

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We’re excited to introduce Patch 0.6.1 for Eresys, your favorite 4-person Lovecraftian Horror Co-Op game. This quick yet comprehensive patch brings a host of improvements and fixes that are aimed at enhancing your in-game experience and maintaining the thrilling ambiance that you’ve come to love.

With this patch, we’ve enriched the Island Foliage by improving its performance and making it more immersive. Now, the entire environment is lush with diverse vegetation, thereby enhancing the overall gaming atmosphere. Moreover, we’ve fixed a persistent issue where certain foliage wouldn’t fade away over a long distance.

We’ve also added more depth to the in-game customization. A new menu has been included in the temple map that allows you to modify your cultist’s appearance, further allowing you to immerse yourself in the eerie world of Eresys. Any changes you make in this menu will be saved even when you close the game.

To keep you on your toes, we’ve also introduced a new mechanic for randomizing the locations of book pages. This will provide a fresh challenge for those who have already memorized the page locations, ensuring that each game is a unique experience.

We’ve also fine-tuned the Idol Piece Altars. Subtle whispering sound effects and the addition of certain texts, when you approach them, aim to enhance their unsettling nature, keeping true to our Lovecraftian horror roots.

The ‘Other’ category hosts a range of adjustments and additions aimed at making the game more engaging and less frustrating. We’ve added new scrolls and book page pick-ups in the Primordial Chamber, tweaked the ‘Cursed Ground’ warnings, and added a ‘Primordial Beings’ tab in the cult guide. We’ve also made a few more tweaks concerning the Lurker (light monster), friend list location, safe zone adjustments, and player noise.

We’ve also crushed several bugs to improve your gaming experience. These fixes range from menu responsiveness to controller glitches, AI tweaks, nametag errors, and collision improvements. Furthermore, we’ve addressed areas where performance drops were frequent and rectified issues with the Primordial mask selection.

A quick reminder: this update is now live. If you do not see the update, we suggest restarting Steam. Please remember, for seamless co-op sessions, all players must be using the same game version. Post-update, your Eresys game version will be 0.6.1.

Your feedback is invaluable to us and drives us to continuously refine your gaming experience. As always, we welcome your thoughts and insights as we strive to make Eresys an even more engaging and terrifying experience. Remember, the darkness is more fun when we face it together.


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