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Greetings, brave gamers of the eerie Lovecraftian horror co-op, Eresys! As your faithful gaming journalist, I’m here to share some exciting news that’s going to amp up your gameplay – Patch 0.6.2, aptly titled “The Woodwalker” has been released, and it’s going to send shivers down your spine.

The centerpiece of this update is the introduction of a terrifying new beast: the “Woodwalker”. Emerging every time a bloodsphere is created, these spectral guardians roam near and between blood altars, seeking to halt players from generating blood spheres. The addition of these creatures presents a new layer of strategic thinking as these entities can guide you to hard-to-find blood altars. This is a game-changer, folks!

Alongside the Woodwalker, the developers have altered the game’s AI spawns and pathing. You’ll find a more dynamic spawn system with the presence of the Woodwalker. The creature spawns now react not only to bloodspheres but also to the book pages you find, promising a more eventful early game and encouraging a diversified strategy.

Pathing improvements don’t stop there. The VoidWalkers are now forest dwellers, specifically guarding the central ancient ritual site, making them a more looming threat. And let’s not forget the initial shadows which now operate on a patrol sequence rather than lying idle.

AI improvements have been extended to safe zone behaviors and sound perception, and intriguingly, tweaks have been made to the primordial fiends AI. The developers have teased further changes in the next patch, so keep an eye out for that.

Let’s talk sound. Patch 0.6.2 introduces a chilling new encounter music that is triggered when a creature starts chasing you, ceasing only when you’re out of sight. This immersive addition, alongside some adjustments to music trigger timings, is bound to get your pulse racing.

But it’s not all about new content – there are crucial fixes too. Notably, bugs concerning the Voidwalkers, AI interactions with safe zones, and achievement triggers have been resolved. Several collision and clipping issues around the devoured house and the primordial temple have also been addressed.

Eresys players, the hour has come to explore the nightmarish world once again, armed with new knowledge and strategies. If you’re not seeing the update, restart Steam. Remember, for those thrilling co-op sessions, all players must be running Eresys 0.6.2 The Woodwalker.


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