Eresys PATCH 0.6.3 Primordial Pit & Steam Deck Compatibility

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We’re excited to announce the release of Patch 0.6.3 “Primordial Pit & Steam Deck Compatibility”. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring you some exciting new content and features that we’re sure will enhance your Eresys experience. This update not only introduces a new area full of unfathomable horrors to uncover but also makes a host of tweaks and adjustments to make the game smoother and more engaging.

Here’s what’s new:

Our team has unlocked a new area and side mission. Prepare to delve deep into the haunting Primordial Pit and face a fearsome new variant of the primordial field. Along with the formidable enemy, we have introduced a new minor creature to further test your mettle. The side mission tied to the giant primordial beast inside the pit promises high stakes and greater rewards – including a precious blood sphere.

For the courageous few who conquer the mission for the first time, they will be granted a new steam achievement and a new cultist aspect (mask), available in various colour variants.

The rich lore of Eresys is further expanded with a new cutscene featuring a higher cultist in the temple map. Interact with this enigmatic character to uncover more about the twisted world of Eresys.

We’ve also upgraded the blood sphere creation/stealing sequences, replacing camera cuts with video sequences complete with sound effects. These sequences load faster and are more performance-friendly. Additionally, players can look forward to new haunting visions of the old one after stealing blood.

This patch also brings a few gameplay refinements. Upon completion of the primordial events, the guardian creatures will be annihilated, leaving you free to explore the area and collect any missed items.

We’ve adjusted the duration that monsters flee after being burned, and altered the mission start mechanism – now only the host can interact with the Fishman to initiate a mission. As a minor gameplay addition, the book icon will glow when near a page, signalling you to check out the area.

Finally, a discord server invite button has been added to the game menu and a bug causing the primordial mask to not drop on death has been resolved.

This update is live as of now. If the update doesn’t show up, we recommend restarting Steam. Please ensure all co-op sessions consist of players with the same game version. The current version after this patch is Eresys 0.6.3 Primordial Pit.

We’re thrilled to share that we are working on a third ending for the First map. After this, our focus will shift towards developing the second map, The Temple of the Old Ones.

We’re dedicated to continuously improving and expanding the world of Eresys. Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the latest update. As always, may the Old Ones guide you in your ventures. Good luck!


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