Eresys Patch 0.6.4 Quick Patch

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We’re thrilled to announce the release of the Eresys 0.6.4 patch, a quick update designed to enhance your gameplay experience as you delve deeper into the Lovecraftian depths of our co-op horror game. We’ve taken onboard your feedback and incorporated some much-requested features, along with several changes that we hope will further immerse you in the Eresys universe.

In this update, we’ve added some useful navigation tools to the map. A new compass has been added that’s directly tied to your map item, meaning you won’t have to juggle it separately. We’ve strived to design it in a way that it won’t intrude on your experience, but provide the necessary bearings when you need them. Furthermore, we’ve also marked the spawn area of the cultists, and the locations of the primordial temple and pit, on the map, allowing for better navigation at the beginning of a mission.

We’ve also tweaked the mansion, which will now host more assets in its basement. We’ve improved its layout and atmosphere, and yes, we’ve also added another mysterious “thing” in there! The process of handling candles for the mansion side event has also been changed for a more immersive feel. You’ll now have to pick up and manually place the candle on the ritual table.

A few bugs have been rectified, such as a synchronization issue with the mansion creature and a minor visual error related to the creature’s shadow. We’ve also made some minor adjustments to the book’s glow intensity, creature AI pathing, and the growling sound effects of primordial monsters. Lastly, we’ve updated the layout of the cult guide buttons to accommodate future entries.

As for fixes, we’ve addressed an issue with the animations of the creatures at the bottom of the primordial pit, a visual bug causing menu overlap, and the audio attenuation of the primordial pit creature’s growls.

We’d like to remind you that this update is now live. If you can’t see it, a quick restart of Steam should fix the issue. For a seamless co-op experience, all players must have the same game version – Eresys 0.6.4.

Looking ahead, we’re excited to share that we are currently developing the second map and the third ending of the first map. We can’t wait to see how you respond to these new challenges.

We appreciate your continued support and enthusiasm for Eresys. As we strive to further improve and expand the game, we encourage you to keep sharing your feedback and experiences with us.

Remember, horror is best faced together, so grab your friends and face the unknown. Dive deeper, explore further, and fear not – the mysteries of Eresys await.


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