Eresys Patch 0.6.5 Creature Update

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We’re excited to announce Patch 0.6.5, also known as the ‘Quick Creature Update’. This update primarily introduces a host of new creatures to the haunting landscape of Eresys, enhancing its atmospheric Lovecraftian charm. You’ll find these monstrous entities stalking in areas old and new, presenting fresh challenges to even the most seasoned of investigators. Along with these additions, we’ve implemented several quality of life improvements and bug fixes to improve your gameplay experience.


Get ready to encounter new minor otherworldly creatures stationed around various locations — the lighthouse, a particular cave system, and the infamous devoured house. These creatures, while being idle and stationed in specific areas, are far from harmless. They possess considerable health and can dish out significant damage. Yet, fear not, for they can be permanently banished from your path. You’ll have to employ clever tactics, using light to burn them or banishing other powerful creatures nearby. Observation is key; study how these entities react to the burning light.

We’ve also made adjustments to the ‘thing’ residing in the basement of the mansion. Its optimized pathing and timings have been tweaked to save performance. Completing the mansion’s side mission will now result in this creature’s destruction, further enhancing the strategic elements in Eresys.

Other changes include adjustments to safe zone collision to accommodate these new creatures, as well as tweaks to sound effects (SFX), stats, and other values of the ‘minor otherworldly’ type creatures to provide more balanced gameplay.


The Quick Creature Update isn’t just about adding new horrors. We’ve also addressed several bugs and issues, including:

  • A minor visual error related to the compass when picking up/dropping the map item.
  • An issue where dropping the map when you had the book equipped didn’t work as intended; now, you properly drop the item you have in hand.
  • A font issue with text displayed on the difficulty table.
  • The issue where some of the new SFX were not tied to the SFX volume.
  • We’ve also updated the discord invite link to ensure everyone can join our community discussions.


Patch 0.6.5 is live now. If you can’t see the update, please restart Steam. It’s important to note that for co-op sessions, all players must have the same game version. With this patch, your game version should be Eresys 0.6.5.


Looking ahead, we have exciting plans for our next update. We’re designing a training area in the lobby, so new players can quickly get up to speed on the basics without having to spend too much time perusing the cult guide. It’s all about getting you into the action faster!


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