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We’re ecstatic to announce that the 0.6.6 patch has officially been released! Our team has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to create an even more immersive Lovecraftian Horror experience for you, our dedicated players. This patch brings a highly-requested tutorial area and a plethora of fixes to enhance your gaming experience. In addition, we’re thrilled to announce that Eresys will be a part of the Steam Summer Sale!


The new tutorial area is a welcome addition for both newcomers and seasoned players who wish to brush up on the basics. Conveniently located in the temple (our lobby map), the tutorial area facilitates the quick grasp of basic game mechanics. As part of this update, a grand cultist has also been added to this area for further learning opportunities.

While we’re excited to launch this new feature, remember it’s entirely optional. The cult guide remains a comprehensive resource for detailed explanations and extended game mechanics, and we encourage all players to peruse it for deeper understanding.


In addition to the tutorial area, this patch addresses various visual and functional issues reported by our players:

  • Fixed minor visual issues with the book glow which could potentially occur when multiple pages overlapped the book’s collision.
  • Fixed a minor visual issue with the flame of the wax head when placed on a statue.
  • Addressed a UI error related to the oil counter location that would occasionally trigger when a player ran out of oil.
  • Improved lantern functionality – it now keeps burning even if you frequently press the run/crouch button. There’s a slight delay to check if the player is actually running or crouched before the burning stops.
  • Made tweaks and fixes to the interaction collision of the grand cultists used in the temple library, and now the tutorial area.
  • Adjusted asset placement and tweaked collisions inside the “old structure”.
  • Fixed a few collision bugs concerning roots and tree placement as reported by the community.
  • Resolved a bug involving the respawn statue inside the devoured house where players could respawn while clipping into the ground.


As always, remember to update your game to the latest version, Eresys 0.6.6, to access all the new features and improvements. If you can’t see the update, restart Steam. For those engaging in co-op sessions, ensure everyone has the same game version for smooth, unhindered gameplay.

In conclusion, we want to extend a big thank you to all our players who’ve reported bugs and issues – your feedback is invaluable and helps us continuously improve the Eresys experience. This patch is a step forward in our commitment to providing you with an immersive and seamless gaming adventure in our eerie Lovecraftian world.


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