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We’re thrilled to roll out our latest update for your favourite Lovecraftian Horror Co-Op, Eresys. Patch 0.6.7, also known as the MAD MAN DIFFICULTY, is now live. It introduces not only a new difficulty level that caters to the experienced players among you but also a new character with a touch of insanity, ready to be unlocked. As always, our team has been hard at work to enhance your gaming experience and add a dash more horror.

First and foremost, the new Mad Man difficulty level is now unlocked, and it’s not for the faint of heart. With this, you’ll face creatures that are quicker, healthier, and more aggressive. You’ll need to work harder to find pages, and the blood victim drop will be reduced. Beware the cursed ground victims, though, as they hold infinite blood but are more likely to curse you. Conquer this new difficulty, and you’ll not only unlock the exclusive “Grand Cultist” character but also earn new Steam achievements for both of the game’s thrilling endings.

Next, meet the Grand Cultist, our new playable character. This mystifying addition is sure to enhance your gameplay. To top it off, every mask you’ve unlocked so far can be worn by the Grand Cultist.

There are several other improvements in this patch. We’ve balanced some in-game elements, added more “wax head” respawns for our single-player fans, and fixed a series of bugs. You’ll also find a surprise waiting in the portal located on one of the cursed grounds. Be careful not to get too close, or you may discover something you wish you hadn’t.

We’re also addressing a hotfix we implemented earlier,, which resolved a few issues reported by our dedicated community. The fixes included some collision adjustments, terrain fixes, and improvements in the perception level and lantern/map usability.

Please remember, after updating, your game version will be Eresys 0.6.7 MAD MAN. For co-op sessions, make sure all players have the same game version for optimal performance.

In terms of what’s coming next, we’ve decided against adding a third ending, as we feel it could overcomplicate the narrative and gameplay mechanics. Instead, we’re turning our attention towards providing more playable content. We’re starting to work on a new map and will repurpose the assets created for the scrapped ending to enhance upcoming patches. Our primary focus will be on perfecting the island map, and we’re already beginning to shift our attention to the Abyssal Temple map.

We are continually amazed and humbled by the response we’ve received from the Eresys community, and we hope this new patch deepens your love for the game. Whether you’re braving the new Mad Man difficulty or exploring the island as the Grand Cultist, we’re certain you’ll continue to be enthralled by the dark allure of Eresys. As always, thank you for your continuous support, feedback, and passion. Happy gaming, and may your sanity remain intact!


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