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Greetings, brave adventurers! We, the Eresys development team, are thrilled to present Patch 0.6 Primordial Chamber for your spine-chilling cooperative Lovecraftian Horror experience. This latest update brings forth a host of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes to further immerse you in the dark and mysterious world of Eresys. Brace yourselves as we unveil the secrets of the Primordial Chamber and introduce exciting gameplay elements designed to enrich your solo and co-op adventures.

Venture into the depths of the newly opened Primordial Chamber, a place of fear and wonder that lies near the church. Prepare to navigate claustrophobic corridors teeming with untold horrors, encounter a menacing creature prowling its dark recesses, and witness lesser creatures clinging to its walls. Alongside these eerie encounters, a new side mission awaits your intrepid group, offering the chance to obtain valuable Blood Spheres. Furthermore, completing this mission unlocks an achievement and rewards all players with a captivating new cultist aspect, the “Aspect of the Primordial One,” adding a touch of personalization to your character’s appearance.

In response to player demands for more customization options, we have introduced the enigmatic “Aspect of the Primordial One” mask. By successfully completing the new side mission, you can acquire this unique mask, which boasts four base colors and four eye colors, allowing you to tailor your character’s look to your liking. Additionally, we have implemented save files for customization, ensuring that your chosen appearance remains intact even when you close the game.

Prepare for a heightened sense of terror when confronting your untimely demise. With the addition of death scenes, you will now experience bone-chilling jump scares that reveal the creature responsible for ending your journey. Each death scene features distinctive animations, intensifying the horror and ensuring a memorable demise.

We understand the desire for a rewarding solo experience, and to address this, we have introduced the rare and invaluable “Head of Wax” item. Specifically designed for solo offline and online play, this item allows you to resurrect at a wax figure upon death, retaining all your precious items. We hope this addition encourages more solo adventurers to brave the terrors of Eresys.

With Patch 0.6 Primordial Chamber, we invite you to delve deeper into the unsettling world of Eresys, uncover the secrets of the Primordial Chamber, and face unimaginable horrors alongside your comrades. We have listened to your feedback and diligently worked to enhance your gameplay experience, from new features such as the Primordial Chamber and single-player respawn mechanic to improved customization and gripping death scenes. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Eresys community for your unwavering support, bug reports, and valuable suggestions that have aided us in refining the game. Remember, ensure all players have updated to the latest version, and may your cooperative ventures be filled with both terror and triumph.

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