Eresys releases as an Early Access on the 20th of April

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Dragonis Games has announced that Eresys will be coming out on April 20th for PC as an Early Access title. The thrilling co-op horror game immerses players in the Lovecraftian universe, where teamwork is essential for survival. Choose one of four cultists and face off against horrifying creatures while using smart AI mechanics and unique enemy entities to seal a dangerous Void Portal and protect your world from destruction.

Dynamic AI enemies:

Eresys presents players with cunning enemies equipped with advanced AI systems. These intelligent creatures will observe the players’ actions, adapt to their tactics, and constantly challenge them to think on their feet. With each encounter, players will need to stay one step ahead to emerge victorious.

Escalated Difficulty:

The Lovecraftian universe of Eresys is a dangerous place, and the difficulty level will ramp up as players progress through the game. With the Progression system, players will need to continuously improve their skills to stand a chance against the horrors of the Lovecraftian Mythos. Each new challenge will push players to their limits, testing their wits and bravery. Even the noise players make through their microphones makes difference.

Safe Houses:

Safe Houses in Eresys are more than just a place to rest. These hidden refuges are crucial for survival, providing respite from the horrors outside and a chance to regroup. But players will also uncover secrets within the Safe Houses, leading to valuable resources necessary for quest completion and deeper lore exploration.

The final countdown has begun, and you do not want to miss the chance to experience the ultimate Lovecraftian Co-Op game. Add Eresys to your Steam Wishlist and get ready for April 20th.


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