Medieval Battles Await in Krzyżacy – The Knights of the Cross

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Get to know Krzyżacy – The Knights of the Cross and dive into a deckbuilding adventure set in the medieval era, where your choices and allies shape your journey!

Join the Epic 15th Century Battle

Krzyżacy – The Knights of the Cross it’s a journey back to the 15th century, where you, as a knight, build your team and fight epic battles. Each teammate you choose is key to winning or losing. The game isn’t only about cards, It’s also about strategy and history.

The game’s story comes from the famous homonymous book by Henryk Sienkiewicz. It’s all about the intense fights between the Polish-Lithuanian people and the Teutonic Knights. You’re not just playing a game; you’re living a piece of history!

Start Your Knightly Adventure

You’ll start as a lone knight and search for allies. Each card you find adds to your strength. Your mission? Help the Polish-Lithuanian Alliance win against the Teutonic Knights in the legendary Battle of Grunwald.

The game’s creators have reimagined how battles work, making every fight exciting and unique. And the art? It’s like stepping into a beautifully detailed pixel art world, where every character and scene is a tiny, perfect piece of art!

Get Krzyżacy Now at a Special Price on Steam

Krzyżacy – The Knights of the Cross is currently priced at just 12.63€ until February 12th on Steam. Grab your chance for this epic adventure at a great value and start your medieval adventure!

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