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Dive into the heart of World War II’s Atlantic battles in Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter, a game that combines intense submarine warfare with a realistic destroyer simulation.

Your Mission: Lead Your Fleet to Victory

You’re the captain of a Fletcher-class destroyer, tasked with safeguarding allied convoys from U-boats. The game offers a unique mix of strategic planning and authentic battle mechanics, making every decision critical.

Whether you’re a military sim enthusiast or new to naval games, Destroyer promises realism and accessibility in real-time action.

A World Crafted for Captains

Players can expect a carefully detailed game world, with various battle scenarios brought to life through advanced 3D modeling, professional voice acting featuring over 300 reports and a dynamic soundtrack. Experience the role of a naval captain like never before!

Your Naval Battle Begins Now on Steam

Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter is now available on Steam for 29,99€. The adrenaline and strategy of historical naval fights await you. Command the seas!

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