Patou: A Journey of Friendship and Discovery

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In Patou, players set off on an adventurous journey with Kit, a teenager, and her loyal dog, Patou. Together, they are looking for answers in a dreamlike world filled with mysteries and memories.

Accomplish a Fantastical Mission: Reveal Secrets in a Magical World

After an argument with her mum, Kit wakes up in an imaginary universe with Patou on her side. The duo try to uncover the reason behind her family’s separation while facing ancient discoveries in haunting lands and meeting intriguing characters! Patou the dog is able to spot hidden memory places in ruins and help the player digging them up.

Will they find the truth?

Combining Αdventure and Puzzles

Patou successfully combines elements of exploration and puzzle-solving skills. The quest to find their way home can be tough unless they notice the minor details! Will they make it?

Explore demanding puzzles with Kit and Patou!

Counting Down to Patou’s Arrival in 2024

Patou is set to be released in 2024. Remember to add it to your Steam Wishlist for updates and more!

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