Introducing Skaramazuzu: An Upcoming Indie Game Sensation!

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Iphigames announces Skaramazuzu, a very unique upcoming Indie Game that promises to fascinate and inspire players like never before! Skaramazuzu is an adventure game that takes place in a mysterious world with Zuzu as the main guide of this atmospheric journey.

What is Skaramazuzu?

Skaramazuzu is a charming adventure set in a hand-drawn, black and white 2D interface, in which players are transported to a world like no other. A world that exists somewhere between life and death, where dreams and shadows twist together! For this reason players enter a mysterious kingdom and face strange beings, fanciful characters and complex riddles.

The protagonist Zuzu, a joyful and innocent soul without any memory, has been summoned by a mysterious entity called Master, to discover the meaning of their existence. Through this bizarre journey, Zuzu will meet some strange and capricious personalities who offer to help.

Enter the hand-drawn, black and white world

Furthermore, Skaramazuzu provides a visual masterpiece, with every frame telling a story and every character hiding a secret! The game offers engaging storytelling that explores themes of hope, despair, and self-discovery and, as a result, creates a truly unique gaming experience!

Coming Soon: Get Ready for an Epic Adventure

Skaramazuzu is set to make its launch on Steam by next year! Stay tuned for upcoming announcements regarding the official trailer reveal, release date and more!

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