The Wait is Over: Abtos Covert is Now Available!

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Abtos Covert has just been released for PC on Steam. Iphigames announced their highly anticipated survival horror game is now available. Set in a remote, haunted outpost, players step into a world of mystery and suspense! As the night falls, the haunting challenge in Mount Abtos begins and the game’s spooky atmosphere becomes more intense. Take a look at the terror in the thrilling trailer!

Explore the Mysteries of Mount Abtos

Abtos Covert involves players in an unique survival horror experience. As a lone soldier, you are tasked with guarding a mysterious outpost, facing unknown threats and solving encoded puzzles. Each decision impacts your journey, leading you closer to the dark secrets hidden within. The game combines psychological horror with strategic gameplay, ensuring every moment is filled with tension!

Join the suspenseful adventure where each spooky corner of the game offers new challenges, demanding quick thinking and courage. Prepare yourself for intrigue  moments, facing scary creatures!

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Are you brave enough to explore Abtos Covert? This game promises to test your instincts and courage, offering an unforgettable journey into the heart of darkness with breathtaking encounters! The challenge awaits: Can you survive the night?

Out Now: Enter the World of Mystery

Abtos Covert is available now on Steam for 7,91 €. Don’t miss your chance to discover the mysteries of Mount Abtos!

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