Reddit Saturday Reveals: Frenetic 2D Brawlers and VR Adventures

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Dive into the thrill of gaming with this week’s latest finds from Reddit, featuring everything from frenetic 2D brawlers to imaginative VR adventures and strategic battles.

Pancake Patrol

Battle monsters using food-based weapons in Pancake Patrol, a roguelite game where you face challenging bosses and navigate through multiple game modes.

Colorway Antics

In Colorway Antics, transform VR environments into artistic masterpieces using various tools and explore different mini-games in an immersive creative experience.

Earl vs. the Mutants

Play as an exterminator in Earl vs. the Mutants, a top-down roguelite survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by mutants.

Time Survivors

Time Survivors is a historically inaccurate roguelike game where you battle through different eras with famous historical figures, each boasting unique abilities.

Highland Panic

Last but not least in the captivating Reddit list is Highland Panic. Engage a Scottish-themed fast-paced card game. Race against opponents to play cards from your pile, combining strategy and speed for victory.

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