Revolutionizing Strategy: Enter the World of War Maze

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War Maze redefines turn-based strategy, infusing it with the timeless essence of chess! The all-time favourite strategy game has inspired ARI GAMES, the team behind this exciting indie game.

Mastering Your Army

Join a chess-like battlefield with a twist! Every unit in War Maze boasts unique movements, attack patterns, and powers, backed by varied Attack and Health Points. This intricate design challenges you to develop masterful strategies for your army.

Solo Challenges and Multiplayer

Embark on a solo adventure in War Maze’s single-player mode, battling through 6 diverse levels against AI. Or, engage in the multiplayer arena, where standard chess layouts transform into epic battlegrounds.

Available on Steam

War Maze is available for you to explore on Steam for 1.99€. Position yourself and take down the enemy pieces to win!

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