Unravelling the World of AiliA: A Puzzle Adventure of Loss and Love

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Discover the enchanting world of AiliA, an upcoming single-player puzzle game that was recently showcased at the Steam Puzzle Fest among other great titles. Set to be released on both PC and Mobile platforms, AiliA will challenge your wits and tug at your heartstrings as you embark on a captivating journey to save a lost twin sister.


In AiliA, players assume the role of Ail, a 9-year-old girl determined to rescue her twin sisterLia, who has been captured in a dystopian world by an evil mirror. With the assistance of Oni, a sentient being, Ail ventures through the seven Great Mirror realms, only to unravel the heartrending truth that this universe is a figment of her imagination, created by the unbearable pain of losing her sister to a tragic accident.

Gameplay Mechanics:

Featuring innovative mechanics, AiliA challenges players to manipulate mirrors and interact with their reflections as if they were real. By controlling the mirrors, players can acquire the right mirror images to alter the game world and solve a series of intricate puzzles. Developed using Unity and other character creation software, AiliA promises a visually stunning and immersive gaming experience.

AiliA is published by Gamera Games, a renowned video game publisher celebrating its 5th Anniversary with a special sale on Steam, featuring AiliA among its lineup. Additionally, the game’s marketing and PR efforts are handled by IndiePump, a rising star in the industry. Although a relatively new company, IndiePump has already made a name for itself through successful indie game projects, and their collaboration with AiliA is sure to propel the game to even greater heights.


Drawing inspiration from traditional Chinese music, AiliA’s emotional soundtrack is brought to life through live recordings of instruments such as the erhu, xiao, dizi, and pipa. High-quality soundscapes and melodies will enhance the player’s experience, enveloping them in a unique auditory journey.

Key Features:

  • Traverse reflections as if they are real.
  • Move, flip, and rotate mirrors to manipulate the world around you.
  • Explore 7 unique worlds inspired by Chinese mythology.
  • Solve 70+ hand-crafted puzzles.
  • Discover secret areas with impossible challenges and bonuses.
  • Immerse yourself in a moving story about the bond between twin sisters.
  • Delight in an emotional soundtrack featuring traditional Chinese instruments like the guzheng and erhu.
Be sure not to miss out on this breathtaking puzzle adventure! Show your support by adding AiliA to your Steam Wishlist today and stay tuned for updates.


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