Where are people going to advertise games in 2023?

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IndieGame Marketing TikTok, Twitter & Reddit

“You’re spending more money to talk to the same people, so even if the conversion rates are the same, the cost goes up”

Alexander Gorbenko CEO of IndiePump

We ask people from different communities all over the world what is the biggest story in the world of game advertising, and the answer is TikTok.

The growth of TikTok, both in terms of the percentage of companies using the platform and the size of budgets people are investing in it, is unparalleled.

It was a big year for TikTok last year. In 2023, it will be huge, and the scale of the platform is such that it will not need to grow much further to remain relevant.

While platforms such as Facebook and Google have developed it over time, TikTok started out with that focus. In fact, Twitter did not even offer a performance advertising product for developers of PC and console games until recently.

Because more players are on the network, more brands wish to advertise, performance may sometimes decline due to the nature of the inputs. The cost of speaking to the same people increases even if the conversion rates remain the same.

You see TikTok primarily as an awareness campaign.

It is also important for developers to be mindful of the type of content that they upload to TikTok.

TikTok’s format is a little different and encompasses more than just vertically oriented videos. It is important to note that the format that exists there, as well as what is relevant and current, is constantly changing. As a result, it is important for developers to also be aware of these macro trends in order to determine what type of content will work best on a given platform.

In terms of Twitter, while it may have a higher conversion rate, it is clear that it is a relatively small player on a larger scale. Twitter generated $5 billion in advertising revenue last year as compared to Facebook’s $115 billion and Google’s $210 billion, and we observe similar trends in games marketing budgets.

As a result of the new performance marketing product being launched and the aggressive matching funds programs for advertisers, IndieBee expects Twitter to be more stable than one might expect given that Elon Musk purchased the company last year.

In terms of budget going to promote and grow games, I think Reddit is not nearly as used as it could be

This year we’re going to see a lot more focus on making sure every dollar actually counts, and being able to prove that money was successfully invested!


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