Anima Flux: A Dystopian Metroidvania Adventure

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Dive into the dystopian depths of Anima Flux, a co-op Metroidvania game where two elite soldiers combine their unique skills and confront a mutant invasion in a theocratic regime’s last city stronghold.

Teamwork and Strategy in the Mutant World of Anima Flux

In Anima Flux, players team up, navigating a desolate space city overrun by mutants. This gripping adventure combines thrilling combat and strategic co-op play, challenging players to utilize special abilities, defy death itself and save humanity! Tragic and intriguing fates of the supporting characters will immerse you into the human world of the far future, where moral and ethical issues trouble the mind more than ever.

Immersive Storytelling and Strategic Gameplay

The story is set in a highly detailed game world, told in stunning hand-drawn animated cutscenes, and elaborated in dialogs full of irony. Build your own boss-fight strategies and prepare for incredible twists and turns!

Countdown to Anima Flux on Steam

Anima Flux is set to make its launch on Steam by next year. Don’t forget to add it to your wishlist for the latest updates.

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