RIN: The Last Child – A Mystical Quest for Balance

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Explore the mystical world of RIN: The Last Child where magic, myth, and mystery combined together in an epic journey of fate and freedom.

Assigned to a Mythology-Driven Quest

Inspired by the well-known ancient myth about Cronus and his conflict with his children, in RIN: The Last Child you play as RIN, the last child of the Creator tasked with a monumental quest to restore order in a world full of magic and lore.

Challenges and Critical Choices

Throughout the Metroidvania game, you collect aspects and runes, craft impressive spells and face five powerful bosses, which in fact are your unknown siblings! It’s crucial to make choices that shape the destiny of the world.

With a remarkable spellcrafting system boasting over 7.776 variants and a narrative influenced by player choices, each journey through the game is as unique as the magic you wield! The fate of the world rests in your hands. Can you save everyone?

Steam Debut on the Horizon

RIN: The Last Child is set to make its launch on Steam by next year. Don’t forget to add it to your wishlist for the latest updates.

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