Join the Fight: American Commando’s Retro WWII Universe

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Step into the boots of American Commando, a thrilling retro 3D shooter where you fight against enemy forces in an alternate World War II universe.

Behind Enemy Lines: Missions and Chaos

As an elite American commando, you’re tasked with stopping the opponents by any means necessary. Armed with both traditional and experimental weapons, you’ll explore secret enemy bases, prevent the construction of an atomic bomb and aim to defeat them.

Retro Fun Meets War Games

This game combines the humor of Duke Nukem, the weird war aesthetics of Wolfenstein and fast-paced gameplay to deliver a nostalgic yet fresh experience. Discover a world of pixels and action that reminds us of the classic FPS games of the ’90s!

Join American Commando’s Adventure: Try the Demo Today

While American Commando is still under development, a demo version is already available on Steam for you to try. Make sure to add it to your Steam Wishlist, so you’re the first to know when the full game launches. Α journey filled with action awaits you!

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