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Revealing Horror and Thrills: A First Look at The Girl in the Box

We are beyond excited to talk about a game that has caught not just our attention but our imagination as well — The Girl in the Box by Flixze Entertainment Inc. This title is more than just another game; it’s an experience that promises to challenge, scare, and excite you in equal measure.

Why We’re Excited

At IndiePump, we have the privilege of partnering with game developers who are truly passionate about their creations. Flixze Entertainment Inc. is no exception. We’ve had the pleasure of seeing this game in action via our partner streams, and we can tell you: prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions.

Available Platforms

“The Girl in the Box” is set to launch on Steam and has plans to expand its reach to Oculus Quest 2 and PlayStation VR 2. This makes it accessible to a wide range of gamers, regardless of their preferred gaming setup.

What is The Girl in the Box?

The game invites players to dive into an unsettling but fascinating world. You take on the role of a character determined to find and liberate “the girl in the box”. Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong.

As you embark on your journey, a demon starts influencing your thoughts. Once you free the girl, you find yourself being pursued by haunting forces that punish you throughout various levels of the game.

Key Features

  • Puzzles and Mini-games: The game isn’t just about survival; your intellect will be tested with intricate puzzles and engaging mini-games.
  • High Stakes Environment: Every decision counts as you navigate through haunted woods and other spine-chilling locations.
  • Unforeseen Surprises: If clowns and other freaky elements give you the chills, be prepared. This game has several eerie surprises in store for you.

Why You Should Be Excited

“The Girl in the Box” offers an amalgamation of horror, puzzle-solving, and action—elements that promise a unique and compelling gameplay experience. Its narrative depth and complex puzzles make it more than just another horror game; it’s an expedition through the landscapes of hell and heaven.

Final Thoughts

We believe that “The Girl in the Box” holds immense potential to be a hit, and we’re not just saying that because we’re partnered with Flixze Entertainment Inc. We’ve seen the game, we’ve felt the adrenaline, and we’re confident that it will deliver an experience like no other.

Stay tuned for more updates on “The Girl in the Box”, and get ready for a gaming experience that will haunt you in the best way possible!

The Isotopic Game Store is coming on September

After 12 months in development, with the support of over 150 game developers, and 114 unique games on our platform, we are absolutely excited to announce that Isοtopic is about to launch the Full Version of our Game Storein September 2023.

The full version comes to bring support for paid games, so you can expect to find some amazing new games arriving at the store during the launch!

Play over 110 different games for free on Isotopic now! (Game Store link)

What is Isotopic?

Isotopic is a new, Open and Cross-Platform Game Store, which enables true ownership of your games and content. Developers can publish games on Isotopic, that users can trade, resell, and collect!

Using distributed ledger technologies, the distribution of games is transparent, secure, and immutable. Developers gain full control of their games, while users gain control of their digital copies. (See: Ubisoft will delete everything if your account is inactive. link )

Enjoy exclusive deals on the Isotopic Game Store, during the launch on September 2023. Sign up on Isotopic now!

Unique features of Isotopic

➥ Free to publish, low fees.

(Not so) fun fact: Developers on Steam can end up earning only 40% of their game sales, after Steam’s 30% cut and other transaction costs and taxes. They can instead earn exactly 92% on Isotopic, and place better price tags on their games.

➥ Rent and Trade Games.

Developers on Isotopic can easily make their games tradable, meaning you could buy a game and play it for a week, before selling it to another player.

On Isotopic, you can also rent digital games for as long as you need, instead of having to buy the full copy.

➥ Cross-Platform.

Gaming on PC? Mobile? VR? Isotopic has got you covered, as the platform is built to host games across all of these platforms, all in one place.

➥ Collect limited-edition games and DLC.

There have been many publishers selling collectable editions of their games, limited, special editions that offer something rare.

In 2017, we saw the release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Master Edition, which sold a limited number of copies around the world, and constitutes a very sought-after collectible, now selling upwards of 5,000 USD!

With the era of physical copies slowly passing away, the digital world is here to stay, and at Isotopic, we bring back the capability of publishing limited collectible digital copies of games!

Now, a developer could create a special DLC for their game, and sell only a limited number of copies, thus creating collectible value for it. These special copies are traceable via our transparent distribution system, and users can verifiably confirm their copy’s rarity.

Best option for developers

With low fees, funding and marketing opportunities, full control of the distribution pipeline, scalable free development tools and many different ways to monetize your game and engage with your players, Isotopic is exactly what an Indie developer needs.

Read more about the platform, and why you should publish on Isotopic, here: link.

Eresys Patch 0.6.9 Quick Patch

Dragonis Games recently announced more updates about the projects that they are working on during this period. With the unceasing support from our incredible community, we’ve been hard at work continuing to refine and enhance your gaming experience in Eresys, the 4-person Lovecraftian Horror Co-Op game that has captured the hearts of horror fans. Today, we’re thrilled to bring you Patch 0.6.9, a quick update aimed at further immersing you in the dark and mysterious world of Eresys.

Learn more details on Twitter


This update is a quick patch that includes a few photo mode tweaks and fixes. Additionally, we’ve incorporated new lightning VFX and SFX to enhance the overall mood of the temple, adding to the eerie ambiance that we all love.


During photo mode, player name tags are now hidden for a cleaner, more immersive experience.
Added a button in the Main menu to open the “photo viewer” menu, so you can view pictures directly from the main menu, without having to start a game.

Added SFXs for the pictures buttons of the photo viewer, enhancing your interaction with your collected memories.
Fixed some localization issues where the “photo viewer” button was called the “photo mode”, ensuring clarity across all regions.

OTHER updates

Added distant lightning VFX and SFX, both on the island and the council temple maps, for a more atmospheric experience.
Added some missing fire SFX to the small fires of the temple, breathing life into the dark corners of the game.
Reduced the number of “wax heads” (single-player respawn item) available on the Mad Man difficulty, ramping up the challenge for the most daring explorers.
REMINDER This update is now live. If for whatever reason the update doesn’t show up, restart Steam. And remember, for co-op sessions, all players must have the same game version! With this new patch, the game version will be Eresys 0.6.9.

FUTURE Lovecraftian Updates

Since the initial early access release of Eresys until the present, we have consistently released a patch every week. While we want to maintain this work momentum, our current plan is to focus on making a larger patch containing a larger piece of content in the form of a new map. So while it may take a while until the next patch, rest assured, that we will continue to work on the game, as well as continue to keep our community updated on our progress and future plans.

You can find more from the previous Patch Updates

We aim to complete “The Abyssal Temple” map by the end of summer and release it in early autumn, so we hope you are looking forward to playing it

If you are a developer or a content creator you can find more useful information about the IndiePump ecosystem. Also for those who wan to showcase their game in IndiePump.news fill out the Form. If you are a Content Creator and searching for a Game to play and share your opinion with the Community, you are free to fill out this form.

Aurora: The Lost Medallion – The Cave Demo is now available on Steam

The countdown is over! Noema Games just released Aurora: The Lost Medallion – The Cave Demo. Gamers, get ready to be drawn into a unique point-and-click universe filled with vivid hand-drawn artwork, immersive soundscapes, engaging puzzles, and an enthralling story.

Get a sneak peek of the adventure ahead in the Demo Trailer. The demo is packed with gripping puzzles and promises to keep you engrossed for an hour or more, especially if you’re new to the adventure genre. Explore the Cave with Aurora, the youngest of its residents, as she navigates a thrilling game of hide-and-seek. Every step uncovers a new facet of the game’s lore, drawing you deeper into the richly detailed world.

Aurora: The Lost Medallion – The Cave Demo is now available on Steam. Download it for FREE and experience an unforgettable journey into the mysteries of the Cave, 39 light years away from Earth on the frozen icy and dangerous Planet Eedor. The Demo is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux.

Eresys Patch 0.6.8 Photo Mode

We are thrilled to announce the release of Patch 0.6.8 PHOTO MODE for Eresys! This is a significant update which introduces a brand-new feature that we’re excited for you to experience, along with several important fixes and improvements.

In this patch, we’re introducing a new Photo Mode that will help you immortalize your most intense, awe-inspiring, or simply fun moments within the Lovecraftian world of Eresys.

– Players can open the photo mode in-game by pressing the “P” key. Remember, this key can be rebound in the input menu for your convenience.
– The photo mode interface features sliders that allow you to modify the image, as well as various controls for the camera that are detailed in the menu itself.
– Photos taken using the photo mode will be saved at “C:\EresysPictures”. For those who prefer using Steam for screenshots, the photo mode’s interface can also be hidden, allowing for a seamless experience!

We’ve also included a menu for viewing these images in-game, allowing you to revisit and share your memories within the Eresys community. (Note: screenshots taken with Steam will not appear in this menu.) The photo viewer menu can be accessed from the in-game menu itself.

As an added bonus, in single-player matches or when playing solo in multiplayer, opening the photo mode will automatically pause the game. This provides the opportunity to take your time, find the best angle, and capture the perfect shot without any interruptions.

– Fixed a potential visual bug where the Wood Walker would appear as the Voidwalker. This issue could have affected the Primordial Fiend type enemies as well, but we have corrected it now!
– Improved various UI elements and optimized the hide UI function for a better user experience.
– Opening your in-game menu now hides all UI elements for increased clarity.
– Addressed some minor issues and a few localization errors reported by the community.

This update is now live. If for whatever reason the update doesn’t appear, please restart Steam. Remember, for co-op sessions, all players must have the same game version. With this new patch, the game version will be Eresys 0.6.8 PHOTO MODE.

We’re also happy to share that the development of the second map is well underway, with approximately 40% completed.

In conclusion, we’re thrilled to see the ways in which you utilize the new Photo Mode and eagerly await the images you’ll capture in the grotesque beauty of Eresys. As always, we appreciate your ongoing support and feedback as we continue to develop and refine the Eresys experience.

How to Build and Engage with Your Game Community

The gaming industry isn’t just about creating captivating games; it’s about creating an engaged and enthusiastic community of players. A strong community can make your game thrive, as it fosters a sense of belonging and loyalty amongst players, amplifying your game’s success.

  1. Building a game community starts with understanding your audience. Who are your players? What are their interests, and what brings them to your game? This understanding can inform your content creation, allowing you to create experiences that resonate with your audience.
  2. Social media platforms are an excellent place to engage your community. Create a space where players can share experiences, provide feedback, and connect with each other. Regular updates, sneak peeks, and behind-the-scenes content can help to build excitement and engagement.
  3. Events and tournaments are another way to engage your community. These can range from small, in-game activities to larger, organized tournaments with prizes. Not only do events encourage engagement, but they also provide a platform for players to show their skills, creating thrilling and memorable moments.
  4. Lastly, engaging content is key. This can include gameplay guides, character spotlights, and developer interviews. The goal is to create content that is both valuable and entertaining, encouraging players to return to your game and community again and again.

Building and engaging a game community is a continuous effort, but the rewards are worth it. An active, engaged community will elevate your game, creating a gaming experience that is rich, vibrant, and enjoyable for all.

Mastering Asset Import and Organization in Unreal Engine

Introduction Unreal Engine

Hello, game development enthusiasts! You’re about to dive into the exciting world of game creation, powered by the incredible Unreal Engine. This friendly guide, proudly brought to you by IndiePump, will illuminate the steps of importing and organizing assets in Unreal Engine. As a game developer, these skills are your bread and butter, and we at IndiePump are here to help you master them. By the end of this, you’ll be leveling up your game design efficiency and making your games pop!

Understanding Assets

First things first, what are assets? Well, think of assets as the ingredients in your gaming recipe. They include your 3D models, textures, audio files, scripts, and more. These components breathe life into your game, creating the atmosphere, interactivity, and unique look that captivates your players.

Preparing Assets for Import

Before your assets can strut their stuff in Unreal Engine, they need a little prep time. This could mean sourcing or creating the right 3D models and textures, ensuring they’re clean, UV mapped, and correctly textured. Remember to save them in a format Unreal Engine is happy with. Generally, 3D models like hanging out in FBX format, while textures prefer PNG or JPEG.

Importing Assets into Unreal Engine

Now comes the fun part—getting your assets into Unreal Engine. Navigating the engine’s interface, you’ll find the import options. This is where you’ll introduce your files, adjust the import settings just right, and confirm successful import. This is like a welcome party for your assets, whether they’re 3D models or textures!

Organizing Assets within Unreal Engine

After your assets have arrived, it’s time to get them settled in. Unreal Engine offers a neat folder and file hierarchy, perfect for keeping your assets in check. A tidy workspace is a happy workspace, and the team at IndiePump cannot stress enough the impact of efficient organization on your workflow!

Using Imported Assets

You’ve made it this far, and your assets are imported and organized—great job! You can now start dressing your scene using Unreal Engine’s handy drag-and-drop feature. Feel free to tweak your asset properties to better serve your project’s needs. And, of course, save and reference your assets correctly to keep your game running smoothly.


Mastering the art of importing and organizing assets in Unreal Engine is like getting a power-up in your game development journey. It might seem a bit challenging at first, but with practice, you’ll be creating immersive, dynamic, and efficient virtual environments in no time! And remember, we at IndiePump are cheering you on every step of the way.

Further Resources

Hungry for more? We suggest exploring additional tutorials, guides, and lively community discussion boards focused on Unreal Engine. Plus, there are tons of tools and software out there, ready to assist in your asset prep and organization. IndiePump, your dedicated marketing agency for indie games, is always here to help empower your game development endeavors.

Eresys Patch 0.6.7 MadMan

We’re thrilled to roll out our latest update for your favourite Lovecraftian Horror Co-Op, Eresys. Patch 0.6.7, also known as the MAD MAN DIFFICULTY, is now live. It introduces not only a new difficulty level that caters to the experienced players among you but also a new character with a touch of insanity, ready to be unlocked. As always, our team has been hard at work to enhance your gaming experience and add a dash more horror.

First and foremost, the new Mad Man difficulty level is now unlocked, and it’s not for the faint of heart. With this, you’ll face creatures that are quicker, healthier, and more aggressive. You’ll need to work harder to find pages, and the blood victim drop will be reduced. Beware the cursed ground victims, though, as they hold infinite blood but are more likely to curse you. Conquer this new difficulty, and you’ll not only unlock the exclusive “Grand Cultist” character but also earn new Steam achievements for both of the game’s thrilling endings.

Next, meet the Grand Cultist, our new playable character. This mystifying addition is sure to enhance your gameplay. To top it off, every mask you’ve unlocked so far can be worn by the Grand Cultist.

There are several other improvements in this patch. We’ve balanced some in-game elements, added more “wax head” respawns for our single-player fans, and fixed a series of bugs. You’ll also find a surprise waiting in the portal located on one of the cursed grounds. Be careful not to get too close, or you may discover something you wish you hadn’t.

We’re also addressing a hotfix we implemented earlier,, which resolved a few issues reported by our dedicated community. The fixes included some collision adjustments, terrain fixes, and improvements in the perception level and lantern/map usability.

Please remember, after updating, your game version will be Eresys 0.6.7 MAD MAN. For co-op sessions, make sure all players have the same game version for optimal performance.

In terms of what’s coming next, we’ve decided against adding a third ending, as we feel it could overcomplicate the narrative and gameplay mechanics. Instead, we’re turning our attention towards providing more playable content. We’re starting to work on a new map and will repurpose the assets created for the scrapped ending to enhance upcoming patches. Our primary focus will be on perfecting the island map, and we’re already beginning to shift our attention to the Abyssal Temple map.

We are continually amazed and humbled by the response we’ve received from the Eresys community, and we hope this new patch deepens your love for the game. Whether you’re braving the new Mad Man difficulty or exploring the island as the Grand Cultist, we’re certain you’ll continue to be enthralled by the dark allure of Eresys. As always, thank you for your continuous support, feedback, and passion. Happy gaming, and may your sanity remain intact!

Eresys Patch 0.6.6 – Tutorial Area

We’re ecstatic to announce that the 0.6.6 patch has officially been released! Our team has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to create an even more immersive Lovecraftian Horror experience for you, our dedicated players. This patch brings a highly-requested tutorial area and a plethora of fixes to enhance your gaming experience. In addition, we’re thrilled to announce that Eresys will be a part of the Steam Summer Sale!


The new tutorial area is a welcome addition for both newcomers and seasoned players who wish to brush up on the basics. Conveniently located in the temple (our lobby map), the tutorial area facilitates the quick grasp of basic game mechanics. As part of this update, a grand cultist has also been added to this area for further learning opportunities.

While we’re excited to launch this new feature, remember it’s entirely optional. The cult guide remains a comprehensive resource for detailed explanations and extended game mechanics, and we encourage all players to peruse it for deeper understanding.


In addition to the tutorial area, this patch addresses various visual and functional issues reported by our players:

  • Fixed minor visual issues with the book glow which could potentially occur when multiple pages overlapped the book’s collision.
  • Fixed a minor visual issue with the flame of the wax head when placed on a statue.
  • Addressed a UI error related to the oil counter location that would occasionally trigger when a player ran out of oil.
  • Improved lantern functionality – it now keeps burning even if you frequently press the run/crouch button. There’s a slight delay to check if the player is actually running or crouched before the burning stops.
  • Made tweaks and fixes to the interaction collision of the grand cultists used in the temple library, and now the tutorial area.
  • Adjusted asset placement and tweaked collisions inside the “old structure”.
  • Fixed a few collision bugs concerning roots and tree placement as reported by the community.
  • Resolved a bug involving the respawn statue inside the devoured house where players could respawn while clipping into the ground.


As always, remember to update your game to the latest version, Eresys 0.6.6, to access all the new features and improvements. If you can’t see the update, restart Steam. For those engaging in co-op sessions, ensure everyone has the same game version for smooth, unhindered gameplay.

In conclusion, we want to extend a big thank you to all our players who’ve reported bugs and issues – your feedback is invaluable and helps us continuously improve the Eresys experience. This patch is a step forward in our commitment to providing you with an immersive and seamless gaming adventure in our eerie Lovecraftian world.

Eresys Patch 0.6.5 Creature Update

We’re excited to announce Patch 0.6.5, also known as the ‘Quick Creature Update’. This update primarily introduces a host of new creatures to the haunting landscape of Eresys, enhancing its atmospheric Lovecraftian charm. You’ll find these monstrous entities stalking in areas old and new, presenting fresh challenges to even the most seasoned of investigators. Along with these additions, we’ve implemented several quality of life improvements and bug fixes to improve your gameplay experience.


Get ready to encounter new minor otherworldly creatures stationed around various locations — the lighthouse, a particular cave system, and the infamous devoured house. These creatures, while being idle and stationed in specific areas, are far from harmless. They possess considerable health and can dish out significant damage. Yet, fear not, for they can be permanently banished from your path. You’ll have to employ clever tactics, using light to burn them or banishing other powerful creatures nearby. Observation is key; study how these entities react to the burning light.

We’ve also made adjustments to the ‘thing’ residing in the basement of the mansion. Its optimized pathing and timings have been tweaked to save performance. Completing the mansion’s side mission will now result in this creature’s destruction, further enhancing the strategic elements in Eresys.

Other changes include adjustments to safe zone collision to accommodate these new creatures, as well as tweaks to sound effects (SFX), stats, and other values of the ‘minor otherworldly’ type creatures to provide more balanced gameplay.


The Quick Creature Update isn’t just about adding new horrors. We’ve also addressed several bugs and issues, including:

  • A minor visual error related to the compass when picking up/dropping the map item.
  • An issue where dropping the map when you had the book equipped didn’t work as intended; now, you properly drop the item you have in hand.
  • A font issue with text displayed on the difficulty table.
  • The issue where some of the new SFX were not tied to the SFX volume.
  • We’ve also updated the discord invite link to ensure everyone can join our community discussions.


Patch 0.6.5 is live now. If you can’t see the update, please restart Steam. It’s important to note that for co-op sessions, all players must have the same game version. With this patch, your game version should be Eresys 0.6.5.


Looking ahead, we have exciting plans for our next update. We’re designing a training area in the lobby, so new players can quickly get up to speed on the basics without having to spend too much time perusing the cult guide. It’s all about getting you into the action faster!

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